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Wonderful Life Open New Building

Wednesday, 2 November 2016 09:50:27 Europe/London

Wonderful Life


Wonderful Life are please to announce our move to brand new premises. With loads of exciting new brands and our Academy to tour there is much more to experience.

Store Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 9-5:30
Saturday closed
Sunday 10-2


Our New Address

Diligence Building, Unit D4,
Daedalus Park,
Daedalus Drive,
PO13 9FX

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Make bad hair day Air-Motions a thing of the past

Tuesday, 4 October 2016 12:07:58 Europe/London

Don’t brush….Glide! And eliminate the stress we put our tresses through on a daily basis when brushing.

AirMotion Hairbrush 

The AirMotion is a revolutionary new British designed hairbrush, created to reduce the daily wear and tear on our hair. Using patent pending, built-in AirShock™ absorption technology the AirMotion provides an unsurpassed, contour sensitive and stress free hair detangling experience.

The semi-flexible bristles are 3 different lengths, which allows them to glide through dry or wet hair effortlessly for ultimate penetration. It is ideal for use in the bath, shower or gym as it features a superlite non-slip handle and the soft, rubber like bristles enable hair masks and conditioner to be brushed through the hair with ease to help reduce frizz. AirMotion will not snap the hair nor will it damage the scalp as it is designed to glide along the contours of the head. 

The finish is one of ultimate hi-gloss, enviable shine and lusciously healthy locks worthy of a magazine cover shoot.

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Welcome to the world of REM

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 13:04:31 Europe/London

REM is a leading supplier of equipment to the salon, beauty and spa industries.

REM Salon Furniture

Established more than 70 years ago, the company manufactures a vast range of products suitable for hairdressers, beauticians, make-up artists and more. REM has an in-house design facility that works from plans to create the style colour and personality that the modern beauty and hair salon wants.

From the moment a customer walks into a salon or beauty spa, first impressions count and you can rest assured that if your establishment is kitted out with REM fixtures and fittings the wow factor will be achieved. From stylish seating and welcome desks for the client waiting area to comfortable salon styling chairs, wash units and practical storage trolleys and units, REM really does have it covered.

All soft furnishings come in an array of colourways combining a mix of neutrals and on trend fabrics in durable, practical weaves as well as waterproof laminates perfect for hair salons.

And what’s more, if you purchase your REM furniture and accessories from Wonderful Life you will receive a HUGE 20% off!! So what are you waiting for, turn your salon plans into a reality….

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Get your hands on the revolutionary new DAFNI Straightening Brush

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 11:07:11 Europe/London

Frizzy! Curly! Unruly! Fly Away! Sound like words you would associate with your hair?

DAFINI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

You’re not alone! These are some of the most common words that ladies (and some gents) use to describe their tresses, which is why hair straighteners play a huge role in a lot of people’s daily beauty routine. They help to tame and shape unmanageable locks to ensure a sleek style with minimal effort to create a more polished finish. They can however be extremely damaging due to the way they work with clamping the hair between the hot iron plates in order to achieve the desired straight effect.

So what if we told you there was an even simpler and less damaging way to straighten your hair - one that requires no more effort than brushing it through? 

Enter the DAFNI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush - the 'revolutionary' heated hairbrush!

Unlike straighteners, you do not have to clamp your hair in order to see results, you simply brush your locks through and the heated ceramic plate under the teeth of the brush gets to work on straightening and smoothing the hair in just a few minutes.

There is no need to section, clip or pin your hair, you can simply kill two birds with one stone by straightening your hair while you are brushing it – genius! 


  1. Spritz damp hair with a heat-protect spray.
  2. Blow-dry and ensure the hair is completely dry before using the DAFINI brush - or any heat-styling tool.
  3. Divide hair into four sections if you wish – for a more thorough straighten, although it isn’t vital to do this as you will still see results by simply brushing your hair as you normally would.
  4. Finish with a shine-enhancing or volumising hairspray.
  5. And Voilà – go strut your beautiful stuff!



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OMG its O.P.I

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 15:51:40 Europe/London

OPI - a revoluntion if Nail Care...

O.P.I Nail Care

We are pleased to announce that we now stock a huge variety of nail care products from nail extraordinaire O.P.I.

O.P.I offer the ultimate in Nail Lacquer and Gelcolor in a vast selection of colours to suit every mood. From retro summer pastel shades of pink, pale orange and baby blue to classic nudes and risqué reds perfect for the forthcoming autumn season. Mix and match the colours for a more unique look or go all out bold and adorn your fingertips with a solid layer of matte vanish to add an air of edgy sophistication.

To compliment the nail colour collections is a number of nail care essentials including the popular Plumping Vanish. This top coat vanish builds instant volume to plump nails for a gel-like look with a protective, high-gloss finish. The Drip Dry oil is perfect for ladies in rush as it takes lacquer from wet to set in 60 seconds using only a few drops or for those who prefer to spray then play, spritz some RapiDry Spray onto wet nails for a smooth, smudge-proof finish is just minutes. O.P.I also offer an enviable selection of nail strengthening solutions to help nails build up a natural resistance to the vigor’s of everyday stresses that our hands are put through. For those hands that do take a beating throughout the day, you can now treat your skin and nails to a 24hr deep, replenishing moisturize with avojuice. The scents of these hydrating hand and body creams really set all the senses on fire with scents such as the aromatic Sweet Lemon Sage, the hypnotic, exotic Violet Orchid and the dreamy blend of creamy Vanilla and summer-evening Lavender.

Cuticles are taken care of with the Avoplex range which features products such as deep conditioning Nail & Cuticle Oil with essential oils and super antioxidant Vitamin E to protect dry, brittle nails to the Exfoliating Cuticle Treatments and High Intensity Hand and Nail Cream for overworked hands, This powerful, non-greasy nail cream absorbs quickly and locks in moisture all day.

To view our stock, click here

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Monday, 8 August 2016 11:47:46 Europe/London

For luscious, natural looking long locks ‘Perfect Secrets’ by Zen Hair present you with the first tape extension on the market to offer a virtually invisible attachment.

‘Perfect Secrets’ by Zen Hair

Tape hair extensions are fast becoming one of the most popular application methods amongst professionals, thanks to the super-quick finishing process and ease of removal with minimal damage to the hair.

These original Italian Keratin pre-bonded U-Tips extensions are an innovation as they use the latest technologies available in the hair care industry to make them kind to the natural hair as Keratin is a natural protein component found in human hair. 

To attach, simply position client’s natural hair in between two pieces of tape and press together for a secure and comfortable fit. Tiny, coated alloy rings are compressed around the hair for a comfortable secure attachment. Silicone lined rings also help to cushion the hair from any excessive pressure. 

The hair lies seamlessly flat against the extension and can be easily removed with a hand tool, and re-attached with new micro-rings.

Even after extensive washing, these hair extensions reveal a deep shine and remain exceptionally soft and moisturised. The hair is fortified with a latest Keratin deep-conditioning process which penetrates deep into the cortex, to help maintain ultimate hydration of the hair after colouring making it beautifully soft and shiny to the touch and can be straightened, curled and styled to you clients chosen look. 

Available in over 30 colours including brunette, blonde, highlighted and ombre shades and in 18” lengths, which can be cut into your clients chosen style. 



To purchase, click here.

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De-stress your locks with INNOluxe Elixir

Tuesday, 2 August 2016 12:34:23 Europe/London

To help rebuild the inner structure of the hair INNOluxe introduces a new collaborative treatment range that can be used together or as stand-alone products.

INNOluxe  creates amazing freedom and helps to reinforce, rebuild and strengthen the hair from the inside out! In the past hairdressers have been limited in their use of bleach and colour due to the damage that these substances can cause to the condition of the hair.

Not anymore - using the latest protein technology INNOluxe has created a unique set of treatments which work in combination with other hair products for all types of hair and hair colour to ensure greater flexibility and a wider range of healthier, stronger looks. Stylists and colourists can now be assured that these products offer a creative solution to achieve even more striking results for their clients whilst protecting it during the styling process.

One of the most popular products in the range, and a finalist in the 2016 Hair Awards, is INNOluxe Elixir. This highly concentrated leave-in conditioner restores strength and flexibility with multiple levels of flexible proteins to provide resistance against physical and environmental stresses.

A little goes a long way – to use INNOluxe Elixir, you only need to apply 1 - 2 drops onto wet hair, then style as usual and your client will be ready to rock their locks with confidence as they leave your salon swishing a full head of voluptuous, glossy hair.

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Express yourself in hi-definition

Monday, 25 July 2016 15:33:50 Europe/London

When you want to turn heads with out of this world, jaw-dropping locks then look no further than Crazy Colour. Crazy Colour With over 25 shades of vibrant, attention grabbing colours you can be sure that you’ll be making a real statement when you walk into a room rocking rainbow tresses. If you want amplified colour on light bleached hair or just a hint of colour on naturally light hair then Crazy Colour could be the answer to your hair desires. Open the lid on the iconic, retro looking bottles and a plethora of electric colours will burst out, ready to rocket your hair into orbit. Here’s just a few examples of how your new ‘doo’ could look; Crazy Colour Silver Sky Blue Crazy Colour Canary Yellow Crazy Colour Vermillion Red Crazy Colour Pine Green Crazy Colour For the ultra confident, why not try mixing some shades together to create a beautiful mermaid style or rainbow bright finish. Rainbow Crazy Colour Rainbow Crazy Colour Rainbow Crazy Colour Image credit: Airy Hair Be your own kind of beautiful and stand out from the crowd – shop now!Read More
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Top Five Common Make-Up Mishaps

Monday, 4 July 2016 15:37:16 Europe/London

We all get into a routine of applying our make up in a certain way. We pick brands and products that we are comfortable with and apply them in a way that works for us. However, you may just be committing major make up errors without even realising it. Here are five of the most common make up mistakes, so if you’re guilty of any you can rectify them sharpish…

  1. Dirty brushes: As well as affecting the way in which your make-up looks, dirty brushes harbour bacteria, which love to live in warm, cosy environments. Once spread over your face spots and pimples are likely to breakout – not what you want! To avoid this, you should deep clean your brushes once a week and if used everyday it would also be advisable to spray them with a bacterial spray after every use. This will ensure that your make-up looks flawless every time!
  2. Matching Foundation on the back of your hand: We all do it! However this is actually the worst place to test your foundation colour as the skin on your hand can be up to 3 shades darker than that in your face. The neck isn’t ideal either as this lives in a shadow. The best place to test your foundation is in fact your chest area as it’s the first place the eye will see so its most obvious if its an poor match.
  3. Covering your face with bronzer: Many woman cover their whole face with bronzer as a way to give them a ‘golden glow’ this however ends up making you look like you have been tangoed. In stead, chose a shade that’s a few tones darker than your base colour and lightly dust over the areas in which the sun would naturally hit, so your cheeks, nose a forehead. This will result in a natural, sun-kissed looks rather than sun-drenched.
  4. Wearing waterproof mascara too often: Waterproof mascara is designed to help avoid smudging when in wet or moist environments not for everyday use. They can be incredibly drying and hard to remove, so if used everyday it could end up damaging your lashes.
  5. Not replenishing you make-up supply often enough: All cosmetics have a shelf life ranging from 6 months (for mascara’s) to 18 months (for powder foundations) and this should be adhered too to avoid infections of the skin and eyes. So if you’ve got a ‘special occasion’ eyeshadow palate hiding in the bottom of your make-up bag – throw it out!  
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Open your eyes to good brows

Tuesday, 24 May 2016 15:07:20 Europe/London

Open your eyes to good brows… 

However you like your eyebrows, straight & bold or arched & soft they are one of our most noticeable facial features and arguably the most important as they frame the eyes which instantly opens up the face. If you don’t like what natured blessed you with (or didn’t in many cases) then you can enhance their shape and appearance with a little help from a number of cosmetic products such as pencil and brow gel to more permanent procedures like tattooing. This can seem a little extreme though even if it does eliminate the rigmarole of having to apply your brows every day.

So what if we told you there was an alternative…There is! And it is called Microblading or Epibrow, which is an innovative new method of depositing pigments into the upper layer of the skin, known as the epidermis, using a very fine blade. This blade impacts colour closer to the surface in crisp, fine lines creating a natural looking 3D hairstrokes offering the perfect solution for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows.

The treatment is an extremely meticulous process that takes approximately 2 hours and will include a consultation to discuss the recommended shape and colour suitable for your face. Once completed, your new brows should last for 18 months (sometimes longer) but it is recommended to have a top up 4-6 weeks after the initial application followed by a yearly top up to maintain colour and shape.

If this still seems a bit too permanent for could opt for the celebrities favourite, Billion Dollar Brows, which provide you with a fantastic, natural looking finish. New brows are designed to frame the unique symmetry of your face shape. The treatment also includes a conditioning treatment that over time, can help restore eyebrows that are thin, sparse or over plucked. Available in 5 different shades of tint Billion Dollar Brows caters for all skin tones and hair colors.

Whatever your choice of eyebrow treatment, remember good brows can totally transform your face! Don’t neglect your face framer – be picture perfect always.


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