Beautify your eyes in time for Christmas…

Christmas will soon be here and full, luscious lashes are the perfect party accessory for the festive season. 

Here are some tips to help you stand out from the ground with statement lashes; 

    Eyelash extensions can create an enviable flutter and help make a huge statement. These synthetic lashes are applied to your own natural ones to help emphasis and open up your eyes. When applied correctly the result is a natural yet glamorous effect. 

    Mascara is a must-have product for every woman’s make up bag as it not only helps to shape your face but also opens up the eye area. The key to applying mascara to gain maximum effect is to prep the lashes first. This is simply done by using a set of eyelash curlers (warm them up slightly first with a hairdryer to help hold the curl) followed by a quick blink onto an eyelash brush to separate the lashes. Then choose a mascara of your choice from the vast selection available on today’s market and away you go. 

  • FAKE IT!
    If you're heading out for the night and want to really make a statement then grab some falsies. These can be bought as full sets, which are applied along the lash line and are meant for one time use, to be removed and discarded at the end of the evening. Or you can opt for individual false lashes, these take a little longer to apply but the result is more natural and lasts for longer.
    Eyelash serum can naturally enhance the thickness and length of your eyelashes. Most serums contain active ingredients, to help promote fullness, length and strength of the lashes along with condition, definition and shine and if used daily many brands claim that result are visible in just 6 weeks.