Get your paws on the best selling, multi-purpose fragrance free balm...

Now available to purchase in our shop is the best selling hair and beauty product, Dr.PAWPAW Balms. These multi-purpose fragrance free balms are perfect for anyone who suffers with dry irritated skin. 

This awesome product can be applied all over to help add moisture back into the skin and heal cracks that might appear on the heels, hand and elbows. It can also help to strengthening nails and cuticles as well as being used to add finishing touches to hair, brows and for cosmetic finishing. 

Comsumers can purchase Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm perfect for the whole family, or Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink Balm with has a subtle pink tint to it making it ideal for use on the lips and cheeks. This product adapts to each individual’s skin tone allowing the colour to be built up or applied liberally to create a different tone. For a more intense colour DR PAWPAW offer Tinted Ultimate Red Balm (25ml), which can again be applied to the lips or cheeks for a striking, look.