To help rebuild the inner structure of the hair INNOluxe introduces a new collaborative treatment range that can be used together or as stand-alone products.

INNOluxe  creates amazing freedom and helps to reinforce, rebuild and strengthen the hair from the inside out! In the past hairdressers have been limited in their use of bleach and colour due to the damage that these substances can cause to the condition of the hair.

Not anymore - using the latest protein technology INNOluxe has created a unique set of treatments which work in combination with other hair products for all types of hair and hair colour to ensure greater flexibility and a wider range of healthier, stronger looks. Stylists and colourists can now be assured that these products offer a creative solution to achieve even more striking results for their clients whilst protecting it during the styling process.

One of the most popular products in the range, and a finalist in the 2016 Hair Awards, is INNOluxe Elixir. This highly concentrated leave-in conditioner restores strength and flexibility with multiple levels of flexible proteins to provide resistance against physical and environmental stresses.

A little goes a long way – to use INNOluxe Elixir, you only need to apply 1 - 2 drops onto wet hair, then style as usual and your client will be ready to rock their locks with confidence as they leave your salon swishing a full head of voluptuous, glossy hair.