When you want to turn heads with out of this world, jaw-dropping locks then look no further than Crazy Colour.

Crazy Colour 

With over 25 shades of vibrant, attention grabbing colours you can be sure that you’ll be making a real statement when you walk into a room rocking rainbow tresses. If you want amplified colour on light bleached hair or just a hint of colour on naturally light hair then Crazy Colour could be the answer to your hair desires. Open the lid on the iconic, retro looking bottles and a plethora of electric colours will burst out, ready to rocket your hair into orbit.

Here’s just a few examples of how your new ‘doo’ could look;

Crazy Colour Silver

Sky Blue Crazy Colour

Canary Yellow Crazy Colour

Vermillion Red Crazy Colour

Pine Green Crazy Colour


For the ultra confident, why not try mixing some shades together to create a beautiful mermaid style or rainbow bright finish.

Rainbow Crazy Colour

Rainbow Crazy Colour

Rainbow Crazy Colour

Be your own kind of beautiful and stand out from the crowd – shop now!