Frizzy! Curly! Unruly! Fly Away! Sound like words you would associate with your hair?

DAFINI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

You’re not alone! These are some of the most common words that ladies (and some gents) use to describe their tresses, which is why hair straighteners play a huge role in a lot of people’s daily beauty routine. They help to tame and shape unmanageable locks to ensure a sleek style with minimal effort to create a more polished finish. They can however be extremely damaging due to the way they work with clamping the hair between the hot iron plates in order to achieve the desired straight effect.

So what if we told you there was an even simpler and less damaging way to straighten your hair - one that requires no more effort than brushing it through? 

Enter the DAFNI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush - the 'revolutionary' heated hairbrush!

Unlike straighteners, you do not have to clamp your hair in order to see results, you simply brush your locks through and the heated ceramic plate under the teeth of the brush gets to work on straightening and smoothing the hair in just a few minutes.

There is no need to section, clip or pin your hair, you can simply kill two birds with one stone by straightening your hair while you are brushing it – genius! 


  1. Spritz damp hair with a heat-protect spray.
  2. Blow-dry and ensure the hair is completely dry before using the DAFINI brush - or any heat-styling tool.
  3. Divide hair into sections if you wish – for a more thorough straighten, although it isn’t vital to do this as you will still see results by simply brushing your hair as you normally would.
  4. Finish with a shine-enhancing or volumising hairspray.
  5. And Voilà – go strut your stuff beautiful!