Don’t brush….Glide! And eliminate the stress we put our tresses through on a daily basis when brushing.

AirMotion Hairbrush 

The AirMotion is a revolutionary new British designed hairbrush, created to reduce the daily wear and tear on our hair. Using patent pending, built-in AirShock™ absorption technology the AirMotion provides an unsurpassed, contour sensitive and stress free hair detangling experience.

The semi-flexible bristles are 3 different lengths, which allows them to glide through dry or wet hair effortlessly for ultimate penetration. It is ideal for use in the bath, shower or gym as it features a superlite non-slip handle and the soft, rubber like bristles enable hair masks and conditioner to be brushed through the hair with ease to help reduce frizz. AirMotion will not snap the hair nor will it damage the scalp as it is designed to glide along the contours of the head. 

The finish is one of ultimate hi-gloss, enviable shine and lusciously healthy locks worthy of a magazine cover shoot.