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O.P.I Nail Care

We are pleased to announce that we now stock a huge variety of nail care products from nail extraordinaire O.P.I.

O.P.I offer the ultimate in Nail Lacquer and Gelcolor in a vast selection of colours to suit every mood. From retro summer pastel shades of pink, pale orange and baby blue to classic nudes and risqué reds perfect for the forthcoming autumn season. Mix and match the colours for a more unique look or go all out bold and adorn your fingertips with a solid layer of matte vanish to add an air of edgy sophistication.

To compliment the nail colour collections is a number of nail care essentials including the popular Plumping Vanish. This top coat vanish builds instant volume to plump nails for a gel-like look with a protective, high-gloss finish. The Drip Dry oil is perfect for ladies in rush as it takes lacquer from wet to set in 60 seconds using only a few drops or for those who prefer to spray then play, spritz some RapiDry Spray onto wet nails for a smooth, smudge-proof finish is just minutes. O.P.I also offer an enviable selection of nail strengthening solutions to help nails build up a natural resistance to the vigor’s of everyday stresses that our hands are put through. For those hands that do take a beating throughout the day, you can now treat your skin and nails to a 24hr deep, replenishing moisturize with avojuice. The scents of these hydrating hand and body creams really set all the senses on fire with scents such as the aromatic Sweet Lemon Sage, the hypnotic, exotic Violet Orchid and the dreamy blend of creamy Vanilla and summer-evening Lavender.

Cuticles are taken care of with the Avoplex range which features products such as deep conditioning Nail & Cuticle Oil with essential oils and super antioxidant Vitamin E to protect dry, brittle nails to the Exfoliating Cuticle Treatments and High Intensity Hand and Nail Cream for overworked hands, This powerful, non-greasy nail cream absorbs quickly and locks in moisture all day.

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