Quick Hair Tricks...

Every woman has experienced the dreaded ‘bad hair day’ and would like to make that a thing of the past. Well here’s a few ‘tricks’ that might do just that, allowing you to face the day with your head held high.

Trick 1 – Use conditioner before shampoo. A great tip for those with thin, oily or highlighted hair. Applying conditioner before you shampoo adds nourishment as well as allowing the shampoo to penetrate the hair better and cover it more evenly, resulting in a more thorough wash.

Trick 2 – Messy Plaits Want to rock the ‘it took me 5 minutes to get ready this morning’ festival look? French plait your hair across your hairline at the front of your head then, using a clean toothbrush, gently brush the plaits in the opposite direction. This will give a messy, hippy-chic finish.

Trick 3 – Get thicker looking hair. Believe it or not, dusting a matte eye-shower, similar in colour to your hair, down your hairline will give you the illusion of thicker more voluminous looking locks.

Give them a go and post your photos on our Facebook Page, we would love to see your results.