Ever wondered why your perfume doesn’t have the long lasted scent that you hoped for? It could be down to the way that you are applying it. Here are some tips to help keep you smelling floral fresh all day long;

  1. As tempting as it is to do so, don’t rub your wrists together after applying your scent. This actually makes it fade faster so just spray and go. 
  2. Perfume, like food, is a perishable item so it will go off if stored incorrectly. Don’t store your perfume in the bathroom as the humidity can spoil the scent. The best place to store perfume is in a cool location out of direct sunlight.
  3. Vaseline can help perfume stay put for longer as it give the mist something to cling onto. So next time you spray, try applying a little Vaseline to your pulse points before you spritz yourself.
  4. Less is more as they say and this couldn’t be truer for Eau De Parfum. Although more expensive than Eau De Toilette, Parfum is pure essence meaning you can spray less onto your skin and the scent with still last longer that Eau De Toilette so in the long run its more cost effective to spend that little bit more.
  5. The best time to apply perfume is when your pores are open as your skin will soak up more of the smell. So try showering in a perfumed body wash then spray your perfume onto your skin as soon as you are dry for a longer lasting fragrance.