The benefits of Aromatherapy...

Aromatherapy is a form of complementary heeling using essential oils; often through massage and as well as being very relaxing it has a number of health benefits. It can help to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and enhance ones mood and general wellbeing.

Each essential oil offers a different health benefit so in order to treat your symptoms effectively the correct oil should be selected for its aiding properties. One of the most common uses for aromatherapy is to help relieve stress and anxiety as the aromatic compounds from the oils act as a relaxant.

Some of the best essential oils to help one feel less stressed and more relaxed are:

  • Lemon Oil – helps to lift the mood and suppress anger.
  • Ylang Ylang – helps fight depression and induce feelings of joy and happiness. 
  • Bergamot – helps with depression as it improves blood circulation and stimulates hormonal secretion. 

Another reason many people turn to aromatherapy to is aid sleep. Lack of sleep can impact on your whole life, making you feel irritable, unproductive and just generally sluggish. As well as being a relaxant, aromatherapy can help to realign your sleeping pattern so that you feel tired at the appropriate time resulting in a peaceful nights sleep and a more energised feeling upon waking.

Essential oils known to help sleep are:

  • Lavender - has the ability to reduce nervous tension and clear an over cluttered mind.
  • Marjoram - known for it’s sedative affects and anxiety relieving effects. 
  • Sandlewood – sedates the feeling of restlessness and invokes positive thoughts and calmness. 

Due to the extensive selection of aromatherapy oils available, which can be blended with other essential oils for added health benefits, the list of symptom treatments is huge. So what ever your condition you can be confident that there is an oil* out there to help you.

* it is recommended to consult your doctor or a professionally trained aromatherapist before attempting to use essential oils for health or massage.