The bottom line – go Ombre!


Ombre is all the range in the world of celebrities and has been for a while. It seems like a hair colour style that has longevity! It’s stylish, sassy and low maintenance so why not give it a go yourself? Here are some reasons why awesome Ombre will rock your locks; 

  • Low Maintenance – Ombre is designed to look like you’ve got super over grown roots as the top is (usually) matched to that of your natural colour. The main use of hair dye features on the bottom two thirds of your tresses meaning expensive regrowth treatments are eliminated.
  • Sophistication meets edgy – It’s not an all over colour job but it’s more edgy than the classic highlights that you might usually opt for and more sophisticated than dip-dye. The technique used to create the Ombre look involves three different colours subtly blended from root to tip. The roots are dark, the ends are light and the lengths are somewhere in-between. Dip-dye is quite literally what it says on the tin – the ends are dipped into colour leaving quite a dramatic divide between the top and bottom.
  • Freedom of expression – Ombre provides you with an opportunity to experiment with colours that might be out of your comfort zone, without committing to a full-head colour change.  You can add that fire engine red that you’ve always wanted without fear of it overpowering your whole face as it is only on the ends of your locks. 
  • Damage control – It’s a given that any hair colour you use is going to cause some level of damage to your hair as you’re adding chemicals to it. However it’s not only your hair that is affected by dye, your scalp too gets a beating if you are constantly changing your hair colour. By going Ombre you’re only (usually) treating the ends to a colour change, your roots will stay in tact. Damaged ends can easily be snipped of when looking tired, so for the sake of style and glamour it’s a sacrifice worth making.
  • Suits everyone – Ombre works well on all hair lengths, types and textures. It can add texture and fullness to fine hair or a funky, dramatic effect to polka straight hair. If your hair is curly or wavy then the result is super natural and glamorous.