We all get into a routine of applying our make up in a certain way. We pick brands and products that we are comfortable with and apply them in a way that works for us. However, you may just be committing major make up errors without even realising it. Here are five of the most common make up mistakes, so if you’re guilty of any you can rectify them sharpish…

  1. Dirty brushes: As well as affecting the way in which your make-up looks, dirty brushes harbour bacteria, which love to live in warm, cosy environments. Once spread over your face spots and pimples are likely to breakout – not what you want! To avoid this, you should deep clean your brushes once a week and if used everyday it would also be advisable to spray them with a bacterial spray after every use. This will ensure that your make-up looks flawless every time!
  2. Matching Foundation on the back of your hand: We all do it! However this is actually the worst place to test your foundation colour as the skin on your hand can be up to 3 shades darker than that in your face. The neck isn’t ideal either as this lives in a shadow. The best place to test your foundation is in fact your chest area as it’s the first place the eye will see so its most obvious if its an poor match.
  3. Covering your face with bronzer: Many woman cover their whole face with bronzer as a way to give them a ‘golden glow’ this however ends up making you look like you have been tangoed. In stead, chose a shade that’s a few tones darker than your base colour and lightly dust over the areas in which the sun would naturally hit, so your cheeks, nose a forehead. This will result in a natural, sun-kissed looks rather than sun-drenched.
  4. Wearing waterproof mascara too often: Waterproof mascara is designed to help avoid smudging when in wet or moist environments not for everyday use. They can be incredibly drying and hard to remove, so if used everyday it could end up damaging your lashes.
  5. Not replenishing you make-up supply often enough: All cosmetics have a shelf life ranging from 6 months (for mascara’s) to 18 months (for powder foundations) and this should be adhered too to avoid infections of the skin and eyes. So if you’ve got a ‘special occasion’ eyeshadow palate hiding in the bottom of your make-up bag – throw it out!