UNITE Professional Salon System - the boutique hair care range, now available at Wonderful Life...

Created by hairdressers using only the best ingredients Unite is an award winning hairstyling brand with an extensive product range that includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Daily Hair Styling Serums and more.

Founded by Andrew Dale, the Unite brand aims to bring a solution to what was lacking in the hair industry - a brand that supports the hairdresser.

Working throughout the US in world-renowned salons with celebrity client including Sting, Vanessa Redgrave and Faye Dunaway, Andrew worked with serveral professional haircare brands in many different arenas, including as an Artistic Director.

It is with the array of experience that Andrew found what he felt most benefited hairdressers and the industry and that was;

  • Product Performance
  • Creative Inspiration
  • A solid educational programme

to UNITE hairdressers to make the industry a better place.