January is well and truly upon us and Christmas seems like a distant memory however it has more than likely left its mark on your waistline and your skin. The over indulgence of festive frolics coupled with cold winter days can play havoc with your skin making it look tired and unloved. Dry skin is a common problem during the winter months due to the crisp and windy weather outside combined with the artificial heating sources inside.

So how do you get back your healthy glow? We've put together some essential beauty tips to help bring your winter skin back to life this New Year:

  1. Moisturise: Adding moisture back into the skin is important all year round however it is key to use the correct product for the season. During the winter months it is best to go for oil based moisturisers, rather than water-based, as the oil acts as a protective layer on the skin creating a barrier against the winter elements. 
  2. Boiling baths: Although tempting when its sub-zero temperatures outside, boiling hot baths should be avoided as they draw all the natural oil out of your skin which can leave it feeling dryer than ever. Warm up with a nice cup of herbal tea, rich in anti-oxidants, instead. 
  3. A helping hand: After your face, your hands are the next part of your body to take a battering during the winter months so keep them covered with gloves when outside. Washing hands with soap and water can dry them out especially if they’ve not been dried properly before heading back into the chilly air outside so be sure to apply lots of hand cream to keep the skin supple and nourished and use a milder soap when washing. 
  4. Sunscreen: The rays of the winter sun, especially when reflecting off the snow, can be just as damaging as in the heat of the summer so it is important to apply sunscreen to the areas of your skin that are exposed. 
  5. Chapped Lips: The lips have very few oil glands to help keep them lubricated and moisturised meaning they are prone to cracking and chapping during winter months. This can be helped by applying a good lip balm rich in key ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Bisabolol, Soya and macadamia to help lock moisture in resulting in kissable lips all year round. 

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