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Collexia Professional Hairdryer


The Collexia dryer has a unique patented dual-fan system that doubles the volume of airflow. Collexia greatly reduces drying times without increasing hair-damaging heat like other dryers. Plus unlike traditional longer, heavier dryers that need larger energy-sapping heating elements, the dual-fan system means the Collexia is lighter and up to third smaller than most dryers.


The unique, patented and Professional Hairdryer, with exclusive technology for the best drying performance and precision. Distinctive, highly professional image. Perfectly balanced and fully ergonomic, allowing a comfortable double grip with side controls.

  • 50% more air flow and pressure than its competitors
  • Much Faster Drying Times
  • Use Less Energy
  • More Respect for the hair
  • Better styling results
  • New Generation AC Professional Motor Long lasting 2000W
  • Removable filter
  • Specifically designed nozzles with Anti-burn ribs 6 combinations temperature speed and a cool shot 3 ultra-slim 4.5″ nozzles (width: 60, 75 and 90 mm)