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Dafni Hair Straightening Brush


DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush is an innovative hair straightening brush, incorporating the most advanced hair care technologies to ensure easy, safe and fast results. Simply brush your hair to smooth and straighten it in minutes. No need to section, clip or pin your hair.


The Original DAFNI Hair-Straightening Ceramic Brush allows you to achieve professional-looking results in under three minutes. The bristles include a spring mechanism and provide extensive reach from the root of the hair to the tips. The DAFNI brush has seven times the surface area of a traditional flat iron, plus Smart 3D technology that enables uniform heat distribution while brushing. The outer bristles and ceramic materials leave your hair looking smooth, shiny, and natural.

  • Maintains constant 185°C, which is safer and less damaging to your hair, for optimal results from root to tip.
  • It is 10 times more powerful than flat irons and other straightening tools, heating up in under one minute.
  • It is 8 times faster than traditional flat irons and blow-drying.
  • Professional styling that looks like a  blow-dry in only 3-5 minutes.