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Joewell FXE 40 Scissor 6.25″ Offset


Thinning Scissors The Joewell FXE 40 measures 6.25 inches.


3-D FX comfort and top thinning performance.

Joewell’s FXE 40 takes the innovative 3-D handles designed for the Joewell FX and FX-PRO and marries them with a 40-toothed thinning blade which gives a 35% cut ratio for excellent perfomance.
The three-dimensional handle is the real star of these scissors though. Its ergonomic shape is specifically designed to ensure your thumb, fingers and elbow are able to move naturally and freely, while the large rubber bumper keeps your fingers wider apart putting more power into each cut and less stress into your hand.
Quality is forged right through these scissors too. They’re made from Joewell’s supreme stainless alloy which not only retains its edge for longer than standard stainless steel, but also contains much less nickel so helping to prevent metal allergy.

The Joewell FXE 40 measures 6.25 inches.