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Passion 2 Step Thinning Scissors


Passion 2 Step Thinning Scissors are available in 60-28th 25% cut / 60-40th 30% cut

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Passion 2 Step are a cornerstone thinning scissors. The patented tooth design encourages hair to roll down the blade edge while it’s being cut instead of trapping hair like a guillotine. This means that each strand of hair is cut at random diminishing uniform cut lines and creating a softer, naturally blended look. The Passion 2 step comes in 2 teeth variations. The 40 teeth cuts 30% of the hair making it an efficient volume reducer. 28 teeth cuts 25% of the hair and removes volume without altering the look. The 2 Step also reduces your cutting time as it eliminates the need to blend in hard lines as with conventional thinning scissors and finishes hair with a beautiful “grown -in” look.

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60-28th, 60-40th