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Procare 24/7 Automatic Foil Dispenser


The new 24/7 Automatic Dispenser is the easiest and most reliable way to prepare your foils, simply choose your foil and fold preference from the keypad, select the number of foils to prepare (from 1-50) and press the start button!

The 24/7 then produces perfectly trimmed and folded foils to your specification, quickly, quietly and without fuss.

New foil lengths: 160mm | 230mm | 300mm | 350mm

Leaving you free to concentrate on more important things!


  • Perfect hair foils at the press of a button.
  • Premium refill rolls: 100mm or 120mm x 500m.
  • Precisecolour placement, get closer to the root.
  • Immaculate salon ready foils.
  • Save time, money and hassle.
  • Custom length feature.

Two refill sizes available: 100mm x 500m | 120mm x 500m

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