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Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Popping Pink


The Wet Detangler hairbrush in Popping Pink has a handle, so there’s no slipping out of your hand whilst using in the shower. It can be used on dry hair too, for delivering smoothness and shine.

Unlike other hairbrushes, Tangle Teezer’s Wet Detangler detangles with no pulling, tugging or snagging. The teeth glide effortlessly through all types of wet hair – including thick and curly, making for an easy and painless hair brushing experience.

For best results use The Wet Detangler to draw shampoo through the hair from roots to tips for a superior and deep cleanse. Instead of using fingertips to work through a conditioner or treatment, distribute with The Wet Detangler to evenly coat every strand of hair.


The Wet Detangler is the newest hair brush and understands how to treat wet and fragile hair with expertise. With 325 unique teeth that flex over tangles and knots with every single stroke, hair is quickly detangled confidently whilst helping to reduce breakage.

The Brand

Developed by expert colourist Shaun Pulfrey, the award-winning Tangle Teezer revolutionised the industry by offering a new generation brush with evenly spaced teeth that effortlessly detangles hair without snagging or pulling the root.

Designed, manufactured and made in Great Britain

Tangle Teezer is extremely proud of the fact that all of their hairbrushes are designed and manufactured in Great Britain. From the design team in London to their factory in Oxfordshire, every element of the Tangle Teezer journey is completed on British soil.

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