Australian Bodycare Sine Pink Wax – Sensitive



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The new “pain-free” waxing system is revolutionising popular waxing treatments. The wax of choice for more intimate treatments it is fast becoming increasingly popular amongst therapists on areas such as Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Brazilian and Hollywood.

The wax is cooler and flexible and once applied and left to stiffen slightly, removes hair quickly and effectively from the root. There is no need for strips, therefore it is particularly effective on short, coarse hair that can be tricky to remove when using more traditional methods.

Sine wax is used at a lower temperature than traditional waxes. This cooler temperature helps to reduce post-wax redness and sensitivity, making the Sine treatment ideal for women on-the-go. Use with the Australian Bodycare pre-wax antiseptic wipes and apply in a figure of 8 motion against  direction of hair growth, once the wax has cooled and stiffened slightly, hold skin taught and flick the end to remove hair from the root. After treatment apply the Australian Bodycare After Wax Lotion.