Infuse My Colour – Hydrate Shampoo Bar


The Hydrate shampoo bar is a luxury solid shampoo bar that works to nourish, smooth and cleanse the hair.


Available Options:


rescue My. hair Hydrate Shampoo Bar cotnains aloe vera, prickly pear and carob see extract that leave the hair fresh and revitalised and it features a delicate bergamot and rose scent.

100% Vegan Formula 0% Sulphates 0% Silicones 0% Parabens

Why It's Wonderful

Let us introduce you to Infuse My. Colour, the multi-award winning, vegan, professional, colour-enhancing, and custom blended shampoos and conditioners that have instantly gained cult status amongst beauty editors & hair stylists worldwide!

Make hair colour-fade a thing of the past with Infuse My. Colour’s revolutionary range of shampoos and conditioners! Never again will dull hair be a problem with 7 intermixable shades to choose from.

PETA Certified 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan, Infuse My. Colour are deeply committed to responsibly sourcing raw ingredients and manufacturing processes that encourage a healthier planet and community.

Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, Silicone Free and performance-focused hair care products without damaging the environment!